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excerpt [Dec. 15th, 2008|10:33 pm]
Robin Finck LJ Community


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Snagged from article regarding Axl's recent forum posts on MyGNRForum.com.

Q: How did the new lineup respond when initially asked to join GUNS N' ROSES? Did they ever suggest using a different name?

Axl: "No one ever talked about or suggested using another name. The guys are really respectful in regard to the old band and I'm not sure if they've said a paragraph apiece in all the years towards or about the old band whether I'm talking about whatever or not. But from being with me for so long they know a lot of it's shit so they get bummed at the endless interviews and nonsense. Personally, I'm so proud of them I wouldn't know how to express it. I can't see me handing something like this as they have with so much class and maturity especially being shit on publicly to such a degree. 'Hey join my band, bring an umbrella!!'

As such a fan of Finck it's been exciting that so many people now know who he is when they didn't before, but it's been equally irritating listening to people talk so much shit. This might be the best thing I ever saw Axl say.