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NIN Fans Gather on the Internet to Produce Fan-Made Live DVD - Fincktified Fans [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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NIN Fans Gather on the Internet to Produce Fan-Made Live DVD [Jan. 4th, 2009|05:53 pm]
Robin Finck LJ Community


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NIN Fans Gather to Produce Fan-Made Live DVD

Intead of just sitting around and being disappointed that Nine Inch Nails (NIN) would not be releasing a DVD of live footage from their recent Lights In The Sky tour, NIN fans decided to take matters into their own hands.

The news of the crushed possibility, as posted by NIN front man, Trent Reznor on the bands official website struck fans hard. The past three tours in a row were followed with released DVDs, and the thought of their most ambitious touring show production yet not being released in this format was devastating. NIN fans decided to take a proactive approach however, realizing that many of the fans attending concerts had already achieved some great footage. After much discussion and enthusiastic reponses, ThisOneIsOnUs.org was established for fans to submit their own footage or simply suggest a title for this project. As the website states, the live dvd will appear in the form of a free download with the possibility of later being released as "a not-for-profit physical release."

The movement for the fan made dvd began mostly on two major fan forums on the internet. One on The Official Nine Inch Nails website and EchoingTheSound.org or ETS for those who pay attention. For the entirety of the tour, fans have been sharing their footage already. If YouTube is any indicator, some of the footage is even good. One NIN fan who uses the handle Chaonatic even captured several songs in a number of different cities in HD quality.

So far, no comment or opinions have been expressed from the Nine Inch Nails camp. This could be because the band is still continuing to tour, however sans two members (Josh Freese and Allesandro Cortini) and the fancy video and light equipment that has Oo'd and Aw'd NIN fans since September 2008. Currently, the band has announced dates in Australia, promising to return to the US for amphitheaters dates in late Spring/early Summer. Those dates, however, remain a mystery to anxiously awaiting fans.